The purpose of the School of City Transformation is to equip individuals who are trainers and leaders in the body of Christ with keys and strategies to see Heaven come to Earth. It doesn’t matter if your target is one city block, a school, a neighborhood, or an entire city. This is a school for leaders: a school for visionary pioneers who dare dream dreams that only God can bring to pass; who carry vision for much more than bodies in the pews, but who long to see the Kingdom of God sets things right and bring righteousness and justice to places of darkness and hopelessness.
The school is staffed by Steve Trujillo, Father’s House team members, and other practitioners of City Transformation, who have broken through ceilings and barriers that kept cites, cultures, and institutions looked in darkness.  The keys Steve and the teaching team have learned are based on God’s Word and are transferable to work in various spheres of cultures and locales.
Steve Trujillo was a staff pastor at City Bible Church in Portland, Oregon in the late 1990’s when he was introduced to the vision and concept of city transformation.  Through several powerful encounters with the Lord, Steve surrendered to the call to see his city transformed from darkness to light, from captivity to freedom.  Following the Lord’s call he and a team were sent out to establish Father’s House, with the purpose of seeing the vision of transformation fulfilled in Portland.
At the time Father’s House was established in downtown Portland, in the early 2000s, no new church plant had been able to survive more than two years in the downtown part of the city.  Fellowships would either die off or leave the heart of the city in order to survive.  The city was very closed to the gospel; it had the highest suicide rate in America, the largest population of homeless youth per-capita, the biggest number of sex clubs and strip clubs of any city in the U.S., and the least amount of people per-capita who would attend church of any city in America. Additionally, Portland was rated by the FBI as the number-one city for the trafficking of minors in the sex trade.
Years later, not only did Father’s House break the two-year death sentence on church plants in the heart of the city, but today they are headquartered in the largest university in Oregon, located in downtown Portland in full partnership with the school.  Portland is no longer the sex-trafficking capital of America, and strip clubs are being turned into churches, homeless shelters, and event centers.  Not only is the gospel being received but there are daily miracles and signs and wonders on the streets that bring people into the Kingdom. 
Portland is currently in the process of historic transformation.  But this history has not been changed by accident. The change has come as a result of many in the body of Christ who live in the city, implementing keys and strategies for transformation.  The church family at Father’s House continues to partner with neighborhoods, the government, educational institutions, and many members in the body of Christ to set in place all the keys of transformation.  During this process much has been learned, testimonies have been built, and keys have been revealed and used. 
Steve and his team at Father’s House want to pass these keys on to other leaders so that they can go to their spheres of calling and influence and implement the keys of transformation.  So join our online school for the individual learning plan, or start a school in your church or city. Please click on the link below to know more.