There two ways to enroll in our school.  You can opt for our individual learning online school, or you can can start a school in your church or ministry to educate a team who will work together in implementing transformation strategies in a neighborhood or city.  If you are interested in starting a school so others can join in the training, click here.  If you want to enter the individual learning program, continue on this page.

Individual online learning program

Our individual learning program is designed to be the same course as the onsite school. You will receive equipping and training from the school’s faculty at a pace that fits your schedule.  There are 10 learning modules you will go through. Because the school is designed for you to “do” as you learn, we recommend that you set aside approximately five months to go through the course. The idea is that you implement each key as you learn it in the place you have identified for transformation. By taking five to eight months to work through the course, you will be best able to take advantage of the coaching sessions  that help you implement what you learn.
Here is how we have designed the individual learning school to work.’
  1. Listen to the introductory lessons.
  2. Prayerfully select your transformation project, that place you long to see transformed from darkness to light, from the territory of the enemy to the territory of God.  
  3. Go through each module, then do the homework for the module which is designed to help you implement the key you are learning in the place you have identified for transformation.
  4. Attend the monthly Zoom calls with the instructors and others students who are also taking the course. There you can ask questions, receive coaching, and learn from the experiences of others.
  5. Continue on the the next module until you have done the whole course and are seeing breakthrough in transformation.
This process is geared to have you implement what you are learning, rather than just hear a lot of information.
When you are ready to start, click on the links below, you will be taken from this site to our registration site..  There you will be able to register for the School of City Transformation and choose the payment plan that best fit your needs.