Build a team to work together the strategies that will bring Heaven to Earth

The School of City Transformation was designed to equip churches and ministries who long to see their communities transformed from darkness to light.  It is geared for those who long to see the Kingdom of God invade injustice with righteousness, to see the light and power of the gospel make lasting impact and societal change.  Our goal is to teach you how to use Kingdom keys we have seen bring transformation to neighborhoods and cities.  

We believe that the best possible use of this training material is for churches and ministries to actually start a school using our curriculum, with a group of people who will then work together applying what they are learning in an area that the ministry has targeted for transformation. Our faculty will hold monthly Zoom conference calls to answer questions and couch your team in their transformation project.

How do you start a school?

  1. Gather a group of diligent Kingdom minded folks who long to see God show up in powerful ways in their community and usher in awakening, reformation and transformation.
  2. Identify an area you believed God has called the ministry to impact. It could be a small as a school, or several blocks of a neighborhood, to an entire part of a city or county.
  3. Contact the school administrator to arrange the purchase of a “site license” so you can access all our curriculum and coaching resources.
  4. Start the learning course and go at the pace you area able to apply what you are learning. We recommend you have a classroom learning weekend every 4 to 6 weeks.

What do you need to start a school?

  1. A room in a church or home large enough to house the group that will be taking the course, with the capacity to take notes during the lesson, therefore tables are suggested.
  2. Projection system or large screen TV (65 inches or bigger).
  3. High Speed internet.
  4. Access to a high quality printer, as you will need to print out the notes for all the students for each module. Or you can buy the syllabus from us.
  5. Buy a site license to hold the school.

SITE LICENSE COST Introductory offer for those who will start a school in September of 2019.   We are selling our site license to those who will commit to starting a school by September of 2019 for only $1,800. This is a $400 savings off the normal price of $2,200.  Site license must be purchased by September 3, 2019.

To purchase a license please email our school administrator Daneen Bottler at 
If you have questions on starting the school reach out to our founder Steve Trujillo at