Steve Trujillo

Steve Trujillo along with his wife Deborah are the founding pastors of Father’s House City Ministries in downtown Portland.  Steve answered the call to see the expression of the Kingdom come in Portland as it is in Heaven, and has given his entire life to see this become a reality in the city.  He is known for his prophetic insight and apostolic strategies that push forward the Kingdom of God into mountains of culture and institutions. The team at Father’s House released Steve to not just pastor the church, but also the city.
Today Father’s House has gained great influence and favor as it houses itself inside the largest university in the State of Oregon, out from which they impact government, education, business, and much more.  They have seen an unprecedented breakthrough in what was once the graveyard of church plants: downtown Portland.  At the School of City Transformation, you will gain wisdom and insights from the journey Steve and the team at Father’s House have taken as they have been led by the Lord.