The transformation of a culture, neighborhood, or city does not come about because of a singular activity or strategy.  Transformation occurs as comprehensive Kingdom strategies are put into place, which in turn implements transformation. When these strategies are put together and carried out, they unlock what the enemy has locked up and release God’s intention and redemptive plan for neighborhoods, cities, and regions. The School of City Transformation will be broken up into weekend intensives.  At each weekend school we will study a key that brings transformation, along with the various strategies that implement that specific key.  Each session will be taught by practitioners who have successfully implemented keys of transformation in neighborhoods and cities and who carry the testimony of God’s work through this key.
There are seven keys that will be explored along with their accompanying strategies and testimonies.  Participants are encouraged and coached to return to their targeted places for transformation, so that they may teach what they have learned to others and proceed to implement their training in those areas.  Then they will return to learn the next key in the process of transformation.  This training cycle will continue until the participant has learned all seven keys of transformation along with their strategies for implementation.
All alumni of the school will have access to the instructors for mentoring and coaching as they go about implementing the keys in their spheres of calling.
Online students will go through the same course that we teach in the Portland Campus live classroom. All students will have access to the instructors via live Q&A and coaching sessions using Zoom.  They will also have access to the instructors via email.  Our goal is to help you bring Kingdom transformation to the sphere or place of your call.